Observer mode will come to Hearthstone, new expansion in development, co-op mode possible

Hearthstone producer Yong Woo addressed three of the hottest questions surrounding the card game in a recent gamescom interview with GameInformer, confirming the addition of an observer mode, more cards, and the possibility of co-op.

“One of our most requested features is a spectator or observer mode,” Woo said. “We want to make tournaments easier to stream. We want to capture that ‘over the shoulder’ feeling when you’re watching friends play.

“There’s a hunger for more social elements and we want to explore social experiences through this mode, offer that to your friends. You’ll come online, see a friend playing, and be able to watch. It’s in active development right, and while we don’t have an ETA just yet, it’s coming along.”

With Curse of Naxxramas nearing completion, Woo also confirmed that a non-adventure expansion is currently in the works, and that co-op is near the top of the studio’s list of what ifs.

“I mean we have a list of things we want to do with Hearthstone and we think they are all awesome. Co-op is one of them. I think a double-headed dragon could be really cool.”