New Obscure Capcom Merchandise from Zazzle

It's no secret that gamers have often limited fashion sense. For instance, my own personal waredrobe consists of little more than a pile of promotional t-shirts I collected en masse at E3, which by the end of each day are often covered in some disgusting mixture of nerd sweat and marinara sauce. Still, though I may not know how to dress myself properly, I do know that there's no way in hell I'm dropping $20-$30 on a Megaman t-shirt, especially with designs like these.

I am disapoint.

Anyhow, this Zazzle company apparently has a partnership with Capcom to push out some gear, having added offerings from Megaman, Street Fighter and Ace Attourney to the shop. But the range in quality is what's really strange, with the few cool original designs overshadowed by the stacks and stacks of t-shirts bearing nothing more than a logo or piece of box art. And even though I'd love to rock the Final Fight logo on a classic black tee, there's no way I'm dropping $27 for the privledge. 

Actually… it's the more obscure items which are the coolest. Section Z t-shirts? Bionic Commando skateboards? Ok, if I had $75 I would definitely pick up these Power Stone kicks. Baller.