Objection! There is an Ace Attorney Movie on the rise

Through history, there have been famous cases of favorite pointing.  In the past powerful rulers, propaganda posters, and nagging mothers have all used this technique to take charge.  In the same category with the memorable Uncle Sam poster telling Americans “I Want You!” – I would put Phoenix Wright Esquire’s “objection” point.

The Ace Attorney series has broadened from game platforms, to music, to manga, to a musical (yea, I know), to one more new platform – cinema.  Before you burst into an uproar, know that Capcom is involved in the project.  In case you think this is a hoax, on November 5th a teaser trailer is being released.  The movie will be titled "Gyakuten Saiban," which is the Japanese name for the Ace Attorney series.  Even if you are not a fan of the series, I can imagine this film will be preeeeety entertaining.