Oberon Launches Alien Blobs for iPhone and iPod touch

December 17, 2008

Oberon Launches Alien Blobs for
iPhone and iPod touch

Oberon Media has announced that
Alien Blobs made it’s debut on the iPhone and iPod Touch today, Dec 17th.

Alien Blobs follows Alice, an
ordinary girl put in an extraordinary situation by her father, who worked on
secret portal research and discovered a revolutionary way to travel between
Universes. It all went horribly wrong when one of the portal malfunctioned and
Alien Blobs started to invade their world!! Now the war is declared against
aliens! Alien Blobs is visually stunning, packed with loads of animations and
subtle character effects that set it apart from the competition. The game
features 35 ultra-addictive levels with 7 different styles of gameplay and can
be played using accelerometer or touch screen. As you circle around the cluster
of blobs, shoot them and match 3 or more blobs. They will be instantly
vaporized. Collect dozens of bonuses to help you in your task. With 6 worlds to
explore, you will be quite busy eliminating aliens!