O-Games Announces My Friends Coming Soon to Nintendo DS

May 12, 2009


My Friends lets you customize a
signature look, make friends, wear the latest fashions and play games!

O-Games, a new publisher of
interactive and social videogames and part of the worldwide Oxygen Interactive
Software publishing group, announced today that it will release My Friends™
exclusively for Nintendo DS™ handheld device on July 28, 2009.

My Friends is a virtual world where
you can create your own 3D character, explore new worlds, and play fun games
with friends as well as design your wardrobe and character to fit your
personality. It’s simple and fun with endless possibilities as you explore the
Friends World to unlock secrets, play mini-games, collect cool gifts, snacks and
surprises, and meet new friends. Share everything in your Friends World and chat
with your other friends over DS Wireless Communications.

My Friends Features:

  • Show your style by designing
    outfits for yourself and your friends with hundreds of cool looks, clothing,
    shoes and accessories

  • Customize your look and stylize
    your friends with hip hairstyles, flashy make-up, and the coolest jewelry

  • Collect lots of cool stuff like
    amazing toys, food and yummy snacks, beautiful gifts and surprises that you
    can share as presents with all your friends!

  • Make your friends happy by giving
    them a favorite game or dress they have wanted to borrow!

  • Happy friends will share new
    games, show you new places, give you new hairstyles, clothes and looks!

  • Looking for something to do?
    Explore the Friends World filled with playgrounds, forests, an ice-rink, a
    soccer field while finding special gifts and un-lockable items along the way!

  • Play Treasure Hunt, Tag, Ball
    Rush, and other mini games with your friends! The more games you play with
    your friends the more cool stuff you can buy!

  • Keep up with the gossip on all
    your friends, send text messages, swap friends, and exchange gifts with other
    Nintendo DS players using DS Wireless Communications

My Friends is rated “E” for Everyone
by the ESRB.