Nyko Power Grip for PlayStation Vita expected Spring 2012

According to Sony, the PlayStation Vita's battery life lasts between three and five hours.  While it's on par with the Nintendo 3DS, many complain that it's not long enough.  It's enough to get you through a short flick, but not nearly long enough for long road trips or flights.  Luckily Nyko, peripheral giant has created the Power Grip.

The Power Grip is said to provide up to 3 times more play time for the PS Vita while providing a customizable grip to ease strain on hands.  The unique slide out design for the grip is great for easy storage and the lightweight design makes it ideal for travel.  But will it be out by the time the Vita launches in the U.S?

According to ARS, the Nyko Power Grip is expected to launch in March or April of 2012.  With the Vita releasing worldwide in February, you're going to have to go a few weeks without that extended play time.