Ntreev USA Announces The Debut of Lass’ 4th Job in Grand Chase

July 15, 2009

Ntreev USA
Announces The Debut of Lass’ 4th Job in Grand Chase

Players Must Complete The Job Change In Order
For Lass To Become Striker – The Assassin Guild Leader

Ntreev USA announced today the debut of character
Lass’ 4th job for its action-adventure MMO brawler, Grand Chase. Lass moves on
from "Dark Assassin" and takes on the prestigious new job of "Striker" in his
exciting new role.

"Grand Chase players will be very excited for
Lass to become the Assassin Guild Leader," said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA.
"Lass is an important character in the Grand Chase story and his unique
character attributes have earned him the role of Striker amongst the highest
class of Assassins."

About Lass

The title "Striker" is reserved for those of the
highest class of Assassins. Lass, who possesses experience and wisdom beyond his
young age, was given the job to become the leader of all Strikers. Though he had
been possessed by Kaze’aze, Lass went on a journey seeking absolution, driving
out the evil spirits from within him and gaining experience in battle. Having
completed all of his missions and saved the Continent from Dark Anmon, Lass
received the Assassin Guild Leader’s sword, the Nodachi, and inherited the skill
that allows him to draw the Nodachi out of its scabbard as quick as lightning
and begin his journey as the Assassin Guild Leader "Striker."

The Striker’s weapon is called a Nodachi, and it
is a long sword that is kept in a scabbard. The Nodachi can remain in its
scabbard even during battle and Striker’s basic skill involves unsheathing the
Nodachi with the speed of light. The Striker’s shadow dash is difficult for even
Assassins to follow, moving rapidly on the ground and in the air using sword and
peculiar ninja skills to harass the enemy with continuous, rapid fire attacks
with the Nodachi.

Game Points and Cash Mission Scrolls will be
available for the Job Change in order for Lass to become a Striker.