Now Final Fantasy 4’s Kain can betray you on Android

I’m an old school Final Fantasy sort of guy; not too keen on the newer Final Fantasy titles to be honest. With that said though, every time a port makes it over to a mobile device childhood/nostalgic glee takes over.

As of today, you can get Final Fantasy 4 on Android phones via the Google Play Store. FF4 is just one of those timeless classics that has such a rich linear story with multiple characters, development, a bit of time travel, and a flying whale – how can you go wrong?

On a complete side note, with Final Fantasy 4 now on Android and Final Fantasy 5 on iOS… it’s only a matter of time until my favorite games of all time gets a mobile port. That’s right, Final Fantasy 6. I will be BEYOND ecstatic that day.

Final Fantasy 4 can be bought for $16.