Novalogic Announces Comanche 4


Latest Game in Series Delivers Hard-Hitting Action and Stunning Graphics

(June 22, 2001) — Computer developer and
publisher NovaLogic, Inc. has announced the upcoming release of the highly
anticipated fourth installment of the Comanche series, based on the U.S. Army’s
next generation armed reconnaissance helicopter – the RAH-66 by Boeing-Sikorsky.

Comanche 4, slated for release in late 2001, is
the latest in the popular series which has sold over 2 million copies around
the world. As a shooter in the sky, the game will give players a taste of the
thrill and excitement of going into battle as a Comanche pilot.

The helicopter’s versatility in
reconnaissance, ground attack and air combat roles will be emphasized in the
game’s all-new missions. Players will get to fly with the Comanche’s
signature low-altitude capabilities and swoop into real-world locations
including urban settings and rural environments around the world such as
tropical islands, desolate deserts and lush, tree-laden jungles.

The game showcases stunning graphics, including
realistic rotor wash effects both on the water and the ground. Comanche 4 will
also feature a 3-D virtual cockpit and weapons of destruction including the
20mm cannon, 70 mm rockets, air-to-air and heat-seeking AIM-9 Stingers and the
laser-guided AGM-114 Hellfire missile. Players will also have to dodge fire
from ground troops wielding hand-held Stingers.

"This will be a very fun, fast-paced game
which is easy to fly, so that players can focus on enemy air and ground
attacks," said Wes Eckhart, producer of Comanche 4. "Plus we’ve
got some killer multiplayer action planned on NovaWorld, with up to 32 players
fighting it out online. It’ll blow you away."

Founded in 1985, NovaLogic, Inc. is a leading
developer and publisher of entertainment software. Subsidiaries include
NovaLogic Ltd., based in London.