Notch still working to make 0x10c ‘fun’

According to Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson, "Nothing in the game is fun right now."

He's talking, of course, about his next game, 0x10c. "I need to figure out what is actually a fun game mechanic in all of this," he told PC Gamer, adding that the multiplayer isn't enjoyable, either.

"Right now, it's not multiplayer at all," he said. "I'm just trying to figure out the actual mechanics for it."

But Persson did share some exciting details about the game. He explained that, like the movie Alien, the ship will have a lot of personality.

"The goal is to have it feel a bit like Firefly, [too]" he said. "You can try to land on a planet, but you mess up and, instead of having the ship just explode like it would in real life, the landing gear gets broken. Then, you have to try to fix that by finding resources. Instead of the adventure being flying from here to here, it's 'I set the destination. Oh God, I hit a small asteroid, and the cloaking device broke.'"

"I'd really like for stuff to go wrong," said Tobias Möllstam, who works at developer Mojang. "But I think we've managed to establish a philosophy where things can go wrong and we're not going to judge too much. Like you run something at 120 percent and [it] catches fire, but you just about make it. It's kind of cheesy, but I like it."

Notch is designing the game so that it's accessible to people who don't know how to program, but he wants code to be sharable, in case you know someone who does.

"If you have a friend who's made this really awesome docking algorithm, you can put that on a floppy disk within the game and put that into your computer," he said.

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