Notch Responds to Minecraft-Themed Pickaxe in Skyrim

In the latest round of Bethesda vs Mojang, Notch has responded to the supposed Minecraft-themed pickaxe found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

For those who haven't heard, yesterday it was reported that Bethesda left a Minecraft Easter Egg in Skyrim in the form of a "Notched" Pickaxe.  The word "Notch", of course, referring to Minecraft creator Markus 'Notch' Persson.

Regardless of Bethesda's intentions, it sparked debate all over the internet and gaming universe – though many conclude it was a playful jab that payed homage to the success of Minecraft and Mojang, which recently went to court with Bethesda over a "Scrolls" trademark infringment.  The ruling eventually was in favor of Mojang, allowing them to keep the name Scrolls for their newest game.

Since then, it appears the two companies have made amends and now focus on ways to pay tribute to the other.  The latest comes from Notch who responded to the pickaxe earlier, "Adding the Toddhoward Pickaxe to Minecraft.."

You could write this off as just Notch being Notch.  While this is probably him trying to stir the pot with a playful jest, it's not out of the question that Notch would really do something like this.  Just a short while back Notch added dragons, or Skyrim's biggest selling point, to Minecraft.  Though, that was in the original Minecraft plans and back then Mojang was at war with Bethesda.

The big question now is what function would the Toddhoward Pickaxe have?  A fan playfully responded, "Doesn't it threaten nearby pickaxes for using the same shape?"

Notch promptly replied, "todd never did, his bosses did."

Well played Notch, well played.

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