Notch Creates Baby Animals in Minecraft, Reveals Screenshot

In the past week we've learned about Potion Brewing and Item Enchantments coming to Minecraft in future updates.  Today, we learned a little bit more about the baby animals being implemented in Minecraft, presumably in the official 1.9 update.

Today, Notch let out a triumphant "Baby animals!!" tweet followed with the following screenshot showing just what baby animals in Minecraft would look like:

Look at that precious little calf.  And do you see that cute little piglet in the background?  Now, if you want to be a real jerk you can kill the baby animals, but don't expect anything in return.  Notch isn't set on upsetting PETA.  He's already got ZeniMax to deal with.

In an attempt to calm the potential PETA outcry (because they always seem to get invovled when games have animals), Notch stated, "We're not encouraging killing baby animals, though. They don't drop loot or xp,"

Notch did go on to reveal a few details about how the baby animals will act.  "Baby animals don't drop loot or xp, have a faster animation, and higher pitched sounds. Also, they eventually grow up," Notch explained.

Assumed to be implemented in the official 1.9 Minecraft Update, players can create baby animals by feeding wheat to two adult animals.  By doing so, the animals will mate and create a cute baby animal.  Makes perfect sense right?

Not exactly the stork story you're used to hearing.  And Notch is clearly avoiding having to tell kids about the birds and the bees.  So the best option was clearly to have animals mate by feeding them wheat.  Right?

"Don't ask me why chicken (or whatever they are) lay eggs when they breed by being fed wheat… why do they instantly give birth to live animals when fed wheat? Can't explain that! Never a miscommunication!"

Fair enough, Notch.