Notch Confirms Minecraft “Weekly Pre-Releases” Leading Up to Official Launch

Earlier this week, Minecraft developers Markus "Notch" Persson and Jens Bergensten have gone back and forth on Twitter with Minecraft 1.9 updates and pre-releases.  Last week, they implemented Version 3 of the 1.9 Update.  They've tweeted tons of new features being added to Minecraft including item enchantments, potion brewing, and the most recent Ender Dragons. But no one really knew when anything "official" would be implemented.  There have been dates ranging from October 18th to November 18th as far as an official Minecraft 1.9 Update.  Today, we got an official update from the mind behind Minecraft.  Mr. Notch Persson had this to say about the official launch of Minecraft and future updates/pre-releases:

"The adventure update is going great! We’re adding features and cramming in content, and then started feature creeping and content creeping. What we’ve got on our hands now is somewhere in between a finished Adventure Mode update and a version of the game we’d be proud to call just “Minecraft”. Not “Minecraft Beta” or “Minecraft Alpha”, but just plain and simple “Minecraft”.

And we’re going to release that version of the game live on stage in Vegas at MineCon! Woooo!

Up until then, instead of trying to squeeze in another real release, we’re going to do weekly (or so) pre releases, aimed at advanced players. "

So it seems our earlier prediction that Minecraft 1.9 Update will, in fact, be delayed is true.  How the "official" 1.9 update is any different then these pre-releases is now the question.  I assume the official update will just have everything functioning the way they want it.  Notch and Jens will have a solid month to fix all bugs and get everything working properly in Minecraft during a "code freeze" beginning October 18.

In the meantime, fans can expect weekly/bi-weekly pre-release updates introducing smaller features and fixing older features.  I expect they'll take the time to work on item enchantments, the potion brewing system, and "The End" dimension.  Don't forget about about the dragons being added.  Notch sure hasn't and even closed with, "Also, we're finally adding a dragon."  Notch didn't exactly clarify when the dragons are being added.  Whether it'll be added in a pre-release or the official release remains uncertain.