Notch: Another Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Release Could Be Coming Tomorrow

Today, Notch announced that he and Jens Bergensten have "started on something epic", causing a delay in the release of Item Enchantments (which were mentioned earlier in the week, followed by a screenshot teaser).

Notch still hasn't announced what that "epic" something was, but he did reveal a screenshot in a tweet that read:

"As usual, it doesn't work too great in screenshots." Fans on Reddit have been attempting to figure out what it was that Notch added, but so far it remains a mystery.

It could very well have been Notch was being facetious when saying he was working on something epic.  In fact I wouldn't put it past him to string us along like that.  "Well, that effect ended up being a LOT of work for something you will almost never see, and it doesn't even stand out that much. ;D"

You never know what to believe and what not to believe from Notch.  Which is why I'm very skeptical about his most recent announcement.

Just a few moments ago, Notch tweeted, "I think we should do another prerelease tomorrow. 1.9 pre 3!"

Shortly after Jens promptly tweeted back, "I agree!"

The two went back and forth, but nothing more about the prerelease came up.  What it could possibly contain is beyond me.  It could contain any of the several features Notch and Jens have been teasing the past few weeks.  Could it be potion brewing, baby animals, or item enchantments. Take your pick.  Or maybe it will simply be this "epic" something they slaved away at all day.  If that's the case, don't expect to see anything noticeable.

Earlier in the week, Notch confirmed that they were hoping to add two new features before implementing a code freeze and bug fix before the official launch of Minecraft in November.  I think it's safe to assume the official 1.9 Update could be the final update before Minecraft's official launch.

What do you think will be added in the Minecraft 1.9 Pre-release #3?