Not All Future 3DS Games Will Sport 3D Graphics

Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata has been making some major announcements as of late. Following the company’s revenue briefing, Iwata discussed several topics including the 3DS price drop and DLC for the Wii U and 3DS. He also went on to discuss the future of 3DS games.

As it turns out, not all future releases on the handheld will feature 3D visuals. “I think there could be a Nintendo 3DS software title which does not use the 3D feature at all, and I believe Nintendo will develop such software,” said Iwata. “Instead, other features of the Nintendo 3DS should be focused on.”

The Nintendo president then went on to say that the portable’s gyroscopic features and communication functionality could come into play for future 3DS titles. Considering the fact that quite a few people turn the 3D visuals off during their 3DS play sessions, the lack of stereoscopic 3D shouldn’t disappoint too many people, if any. I can definitely see some major tilt implementation being considered for, oh, I don’t know, a new WarioWare title. Now that would be pretty cool!

In other 3DS news, the next entry in the Mario Kart series has an official title: Mario Kart 7. I was expecting something like Mario Kart 3D, but I guess Nintendo just wasn’t feeling it. Here’s hoping the upcoming racer is a lot more like the superb Mario Kart DS and nothing like the abysmal Mario Kart Wii.