Not all purchases of Shadow Of War ‘Forthog Orc-Slayer’ DLC will be donated to Forgey family

Shady business.

Three days ago, Monolith, the developers behind Shadow of War, revealed a DLC character that effectively immortalized Executive Producer Micheal "Forthog" Forgey as a DLC Shadow of War character after he passed away from cancer last year at the age of 43.

It was a generous gesture, however, Warner Bros, the publisher behind Monolith's Shadow of War, has been accused of using the DLC as a means of taking money for themselves. 

This accusation comes from fine print found in one of the last frames in the DLC trailer (below). The fine print details that the donations towards the Forgey family will only count from purchases made in the United States or District of Columbia, but exclude the following states Alabama, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi and South Carolina.

Outside of the fine print, it was made explicitly clear (in bigger print) that Warner Bros will not be donating the full cost of the DLC – only $3.50 of the $5.00 DLC. The DLC proceeds will only be donated until December 31, 2019. 

Shadow of War DLC

Here's the full trailer:

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 10th, 2017.