Not All of Destiny 2’s Zones Will Be as Big as European Dead Zone

Roam free! ...As long as it's in Europe

With Bungie's Destiny 2 well into its development cycle, more and more news has released for it. Unfortunately for Nintendo fans, it will not make an appearance on the Switch. Recently, we also learned that one particular zone in Destiny 2 is quite large, but don't expect all zones to be as big as the European Dead Zone.

Even in the original Destiny touted exploration as one of the main pillars of the game, but to many users' disappointments, this was not really the case. When the developers originally revealed the European Dead Zone, they mentioned how huge it is. Project Lead Mark Noseworthy stated it was bigger by "a factor of two" when compared to other zones they'd build. World Director Steve Cotton expands on this in an interview with Glixel.

"I like Nessus the best. You’re not going to get to it until later in the campaign, but it’s probably my favorite. European Dead Zone is really good. It has more to do. It’s the biggest by far. It’s got lots of Lost Sectors, lots of dungeons, lots of just hidden little nooks and things to find. Nessus is going to take you into places a lot more – like what you were talking about with the Vault of Glass. They’re all very different."

The European Dead Zone was originally meant to be in the original game, hence why it's so large in the sequel with much more time to be developed. As Cotton said, the other areas are smaller "by far", which implies that the open world feeling many expected in the first game may also not be in the sequel. We may be pleasantly surprised when the game launches on consoles September 8, with a delayed PC version coming later.