No Online for NBA Jam on the Wii

In news that is sure to anger Nintendo fans who were looking forward to NBA Jam on the Wii, EA Sports Community Manager Alain Quinto has officially announced that the game is getting no online multiplayer.

When asked over Twitter if the game would have a multiplayer mode, Quinto answered, “Not on the Wii. It will on XBOX 360 and PS3.”

This comes after several Wii owners were waiting in hopes of hearing that the game would have an online multiplayer mode. So far, a reason has not been given as to why the feature was omitted. It’s been said that the staff was trying to keep the game running at a solid 60 fps. Perhaps trying to get the game running online at the same frame rate proved too difficult.

The game is set to launch on the Wii on October 5, 2010.