No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Demo Lands on PSN

No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise drops on the PlayStation 3 next month, but you can get your first sampling of Suda51’s incredible action game right now. Earlier today, a demo for the upcoming HD re-release popped up on the PlayStation Store. It’s a quick download, and I would suggest that anyone who’s looking forward to this title give it a go.

The demo starts out at the beginning of the game, with protagonist Travis Touchdown recalling the events that led up to his current moneyless state. If you played the original version on the Wii, then you know what follows. You basically run into a mansion and take out swarms of bad guys, and it’s satisfying as heck.

If you’re worried about the Move controls, you’ll be happy to know that No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise supports the Dualshock 3 controller. This is especially cool if you played the Wii version and would like to try it out with a more traditional control setup. Personally, I really enjoyed the Wii Remote and Nuncuk control scheme of the original release, and I think Move owners should definitely play this game using motion controls.

No More Heroes is easily one of my favorite Wii games. It offers quality hack-and-slash gameplay and a great plot and cast of characters. If you have yet to play No More Heroes, don’t hesitate to check out Heroes’ Paradise when it drops on PlayStation 3 on August 16. For now, though, be sure to check out the demo.