No More Heroes 2 will drive you to drugs

February 2, 2010

No More Heroes 2 will drive you
to drugs

By Dakota Grabowski

Trippy and psychedelic, No More
Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is an oddity

What do Fear and Loathing in Las
Vegas and Requiem for a Dream have in common? They are both films that show the
wild and desperate side of humanity through the use of drugs. Ubisoft’s No More
Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle walks the fine line of the frantic nature of humans
and pushes boundaries on adult-themed content in a video game.

The hero of the story, Travis
Touchdown, is untamed and goes about his life without much concern about anyone
else beside himself. In the open sequence, Travis, a well-trained assassin,
encounters another assassin looking for retribution for the death of his brother
at the hands of the dastardly Travis. After trading insults, both whacky
assassins take to arms and battle to the death. The result, Travis slices the
head off of the unlucky assassin and, after sending the head flying in the air,
the head of the fallen assassin lands back on top of the body and remains prone
while Travis talks to a beautiful woman about how badass he is.

How do you like me now?

The story gets even weirder after
these events. Travis, while speaking to the beautiful femme fatal, imitates the
manner of masturbation while the woman acts as if she is there to perform
fellatio on Travis. This isn’t the end of it though…

Dead or not, the beheaded assassin
begins to walk and talk as if he was part of Michael Jackson’s Thriller music
video. He forewarns Travis of the austere future and that’s the end of the
formerly beheaded assassin.

It’s apparent that Ubisoft and
Grasshopper were aiming for a strange title, but, wow, No More Heroes 2:
Desperate Struggle goes above and beyond the unusual and blazes a trail for
future titles that can explore the realms of the abnormal.

In attempt to take things down a
notch, No More Heroes 2 allows players to walk about Travis’ apartment and
freely perform mini-games of sorts including:

  • An
    anime-styled shooter titled BJ5 allowing players to control young girls that
    go by the name of “Strawberry, Blueberry,” and the like.

    messaging Travis’ obese pet cat named Jeanne or making her exercise.

What’s even more disturbing is that
the loading and saving screen has Travis relieving himself on the toilet. It has
to be the most forthcoming saving process I have ever encountered.

Violence is taken to a whole new level.

Even though No More Heroes 2:
Desperate Struggle isn’t for everyone, it is a title that needs to be seen in
person to believe the insanity that ensues. On a personal level, No More Heroes
2 is a fine drug that blew my mind more often than not. No need for acid or
ecstasy; No More Heroes 2 is all you need to enter a new state of mind.

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