No, that Red Dead Retribution poster isn’t real

There's still hope something gets revealed tomorrow!

We are almost drowning in Red Dead rumors, Rockstar is rumored to be making an appearence at the PlayStation Meeting tomorrow evening and may even be revealing a Red Dead Redemption remaster. Some people on the internet have been trying to hop on the Red Dead hype train by spawning some fake rumors.

A poster popped up on the internet showcasing a Native American with a smoking gun in the traditional Red Dead/Rockstar art style with the Red Dead title font. It's obviously not too hard to fake these things but people held on to this with just a tad bit of hope. Turns out, it's not real.

The poster was created by a fan as part of a fan project to send to Rockstar Games. They created a case, map (similar to the ones that come with most Rockstar games), and some posters with the hopes that Rockstar would see it and maybe force their hand and get them to just announce the damn game already.

There is still hope that we will see something from Rockstar get announced tomorrow, but don't hold your breath.