‘No Microtransactions of Any Kind’ in New Obsidian RPG Backed by Take-Two

Private Division, backed by Take-Two, will publish the title.

Publisher Take-Two got some wary looks last month when they announced microtransactions in all of their future titles. But apparently, this only applies to Take-Two proper titles. Their new publishing division, Private Division (aimed to be exclusively an indie publisher) is apparently exempt from that announcement.

This is good news for Obsidian Entertainment, the developers behind Tyranny, Pillars of Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas and many more hidden gems. On their official forums, they’ve  reassured fans that “no microtransactions, of any kind” will be present in their latest project.

They went as far as to say that Private Division has in no way pressured them to include microtransactions at all. “Far from ‘pushing’ us to put anything—microtransactions or otherwise—into our game, Private Division has been incredibly supportive of our vision, our creative freedom, and the process by which we work to make RPGs. They have been fantastic partners, and we are extremely excited to work with them through release, to put what we know is going to be an amazing game into as many hands as possible.”

And that next game they’re working on? What’s it about? Obsidian isn’t saying yet. “We wish we could tell you all about it right now…but we’re going to hold off until the time is right.”

Well, at least we know one purchase will give us the whole game. That’s enough to float us to an official announcement.