No Man’s Sky shows big changes since launch in new Trailer for upcoming Xbox One release

Almost a different game

Developer Hello Games showed 11 major changes their title No Man’s Sky went through since its launch in a new trailer on the official Xbox Youtube channel. This comes just in time for the release of the game’s Xbox One version on July 24th.

No Man’s Sky has become infamous after its disastrous launch on PC and PS4 back in 2016. Failed promises of multiplayer components, lack of major features and entire aspects previously shown in trailers and detailed in interviews, led to Hello Game’s biggest project ever crash-landing in a spectacular way.

As a highly ambitious independent project, No Man’s Sky promised an entire universe full of diverse planets and alien lifeforms to explore, trade and fight in. A technical subpar release on PS4 especially and a dull and joyless gameplay loop led to huge masses of disappointed players, shredding the game apart upon release.

The close advertisement partnership with Sony turned out to be a sharp double-edged sword, not only opening the game to a wider audience but also leaving No Man’s Sky at the scrutiny of a large online audience. Critical videos, memes and the fall of grace for Hello Games director Sean Murray ensued for months, with the game ending up sort of a joke among gaming communities.

What could and has ended like this for many independent studios in the past, who promised the world but failed to deliver, ended up being an inspiring tale of perseverance and turning the tables. Hello Games did not give up on No Man’s Sky and despite having lost trust and credibility, the small independent team continued on to improve their game.

What followed were major updates which revamped and added major gameplay aspects, like the inclusion of new vehicles, base building, big changes to the procedurally generated worlds and much, much more. Now, the team has shared a new trailer showing 11 of the changes No Man’s Sky has gone through since its launch, in preparation for the Xbox One release on July 24th.

The trailer is well worth watching and if you still feel conflicted about No Man’s Sky, be aware that the once worst rated game available on Steam has managed to garner the favors of its players with a recent mostly positive user review score.