No Man’s Sky will allow ‘traditional’ multiplayer on top of scarce encounters

No Man’s Sky is designed to give players a grand single-player experience, but it won’t bar conventional multiplayer by any means, developer Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray told GameSpot.

“This is not a game about forming a clan or allegiances, right?” Murray said. “But it has some MMO-esque mechanics, I guess.” An obvious comparison to MMORPGs is the game’s infinite playability, but with regards to player interaction, No Man’s Sky is designed to drop players in a boundless universe with proper “planet-sized” planets, meaning you may play for days or even weeks without finding another player.

However, those looking to play with friends won’t be left in the galaxy alone scouring planets for their companion.

“There is this thing, which I’m not going to talk about now, that is a plan for multiplayer and for people to have a more traditional multiplayer experience within the game,” he added. “And that’s something that we’ll deal with further down the line that is exciting. But that is not what’s core to the game right now.”

No Man's Sky is currently slated for a PS4 release but could come to other platforms

[via Polygon