No Man’s Sky studio flooded on Christmas Eve

Hello Games, the independent studio behind Joe Danger and the highly anticipated No Man's Sky, had its office "totally flooded" as a result of a nearby river breaking its bank.

In a series of tweets on Christmas Eve (of all times), Hello Games described it as a "biblical amount" of flooding. "It was coming in the windows," the studio said, adding that "everything in the office has pretty much been lost." You can visit Hello Games' Twitter for all of the tweets, but below is a brief recap:

Unfortunately, it appears that most things — PCs, monitors, furniture, a door, and even a wall — were lost in the flooding. Also, lots of personal stuff was lost thanks to the "blurry line between home and office."

Hello Games appears to be in high spirits following the flood. The studio just came off a huge reveal at VGX earlier this month. The four-man studio is working on a massive, procedurally generated, sci-fi exploration game that is worth getting excited about. It's unclear how much this flooding will affect the development of the game, but Hello Games seems committed.