No Man’s Sky: Sticker on Limited Edition box covers online play symbol

Sony and Hello Games haven't commented on why.

Shortly after No Man's Sky released, two players attempted to do the impossible: find each other in space. Unfortunately, they never saw each other – even when standing in the same spot. The No Man's Sky creator, Sean Murray, had suggested that two players coming across one another was slim. Which gave hope to fans who believed they could find and see other players.

The two players being unable to find each other created a stir in the community, a stir that Murray didn't directly respond to… but kind of did. While no answers are being offered, spurned players have begun digging for their own answers.

This digging has revealed an odd thing, the Limited Edition boxes for No Man's Sky have a sticker or the PEGI ratings (see multiple examples on NeoGaf). The sticker says that the game is rated a PEGI 7, making it appropriate for ages 7 and up, and the descriptor icon details the game to contain violence.

Under the sticker, the game is rated at a PEGI 12 and the descriptor incons detail in-game violence and online gameplay.

This might not be some sly move by Sony or Hello Games though, a former PEGI employee responded to the image saying that the symbol for online gameplay doesn't mean much. According to GinoFelino, the symbol could have been Sony covering its butt over what people name planets:

"The icon is an easy way for publishers not to be held accountable for bad language being used in online lobbies etc. Given the fact that you can see other people's names for planets and animals, the logo should still be present on the box. After all, people's names for planets can contain foul language (with some workarounds). "

According to Videogamer (via NeoGaf), PCGN has confirmed that the sticker can be found on the Limited Edition across Europe. Neither Sony or Hello Games hasn't issued a statement on the sticker.