No Man’s Sky on Xbox One? [email protected] would be ‘super-psyched’

No Man's Sky, the procedurally generated space exploration game from Hello Games, was easily one of the more intriguing game reveals at VGX last weekend. But the fact that it's being developed by a studio of just four has many worried it might not make it to all platforms. 

One company which would be "super-psyched" to see the game on their platform is Microsoft, particularly [email protected] program director Chris Charla.

"I would be super-psyched if they want to bring that game to Xbox," he told OXM, which also noted a "grin" that the site calls "promising." Of course, that could be blind hope.

"We are obviously huge evangelists for our platform," Charla added. "We think it's rad — some of the things you can do with Kinect and SmartGlass and our controller and the impulse triggers are super-cool. So we're constantly out advocating our platform, and we hope that developers give us a call."

For those unfamiliar, Independent Developers @ Xbox (or [email protected] for short) is a program that was created to allow developing and publishing games on Xbox One easier for independent developers. The program is designed to "offer game developers the same great benefits that existing Xbox developers have today, including the full power of the console, cloud services, Kinect and the Xbox Live toolset such as Xbox SmartGlass, multiplayer, Achievements, Gamerscore and more."

Interestingly, Hello Games was not included on the list of Microsoft's first wave of [email protected] indie developers. Make of that what you will.