No Man’s Sky developers sending cryptic packages to people and it’s getting weird

But why...? Is it for... DLC?

The developers behind No Man's Sky are definitely up to something. It's being reported that 16 different individuals (seemingly all Reddit moderators) No Man's Sky subReddit community have (or are still receiving) received packages from Hello Games with various merchandise and a single cassette tape.

It is believed that there are only 16 cassette tapes, as each tape is numbered out of 16.  So far, six people have revealed that they received a package. The subReddit moderators reached out to Hello Games to verify that it had indeed been them and not someone else playing a prank. Hello Games confirmed the authenticity of the tapes and allowed the moderators to share their findings with the community.

One of the tapes (number 12 of 16) came with a piece of text that suggests portals might be making their way to the game:

"The giant gateway calls out to me, filling my mind with whispered secrets of a far-flung world"

Another cassette came with a tease of "hope you like what's next."

The No Man's Sky Reddit community is working to upload the content of all the videos into a digital format and share them. The hope is that everyone can come together and solve the puzzle.

It appears as though Hello Games is teasing their next big update, but beyond the addition of portals, no one knows what's coming yet.