No DLC currently planned for Twisted Metal

David Jaffe recently gave his thoughts on the future of Twisted Metal. Funnily enough, there's no future for the series, so to speak. According to the developer, he's been practically breathing, eating, and sleeping Twisted Metal. The team over Eat Sleep Play has focused on Twisted Metal extensively, and there's one more hurdle to get through: launch.

While the folks who worked on Twisted Metal wait for the game to drop on Valentine's Day, they're still working on fixes to small problems. And following launch, Eat Sleep Play will continue to iron out any problems with Twisted Metal. But that's as far as Jaffe is looking at the moment.

"Right now there are no plans," Jaffe told GameInformer. "I always thought it was going to be a great game. But we weren't nursing these illusions that we were making Call of Duty in terms of sales. If it's a big enough hit I'm sure Sony won't let it wither on the vine. But right now there are no plans at all.  There's no DLC plans, there's no sequel or expansion plans. We have to wait and see how it does."

Jaffe hopes to take a small break following Twisted Metal, and the dude definitely deserves it. I kind of wish there was some DLC planned for the game, but that's mainly the Twisted Metal fan in me talking.

Jaffe recently revealed that he would be leaving Eat Sleep Play, and while he has ideas as to where he wants to take his next company, nothing is set in stone at the moment. We'll have to wait and see what the future holds for Jaffe, Eat Sleep Play, and Twisted Metal.