NIS America releases Mana Khemia in March 2008

December 13, 2007

Mana Khemia:
Alchemists of Al-Revis

NIS America announced today that
the spiritual sequel to the Atelier Iris series will be heading to the PS 2 in
late March.

The 4th entry in the RPG series, Mana Khemia is different from
the previous Atelier Iris games. Mana Khemia is a campus sim style RPG, where
you can interact withclassmates and professors to complete academic quests. You
play as Vayne Aurelius, a novice alchemist who was invited to attend Al Revis
Academy At the academy Vayne Al Academy. academy, will meet human and not so
human(?) alchemists, and together you will solve the mysteries of alchemy.

Key Features

  • Academic Quests – Players will take on quests that the
    professor assigns. If you fail your mission, you may have to stay after
    school. Also depending on who you work with for your assignments, the outcome
    of the story will change.

  • Avatar Crafting ‐ Personalize your characters by “crafting”
    skills and stats instead of just leveling up through combat. Crafting skills
    and stats allows the player to create unique characters like a warrior that
    excels in summoning magic or a magician that’s an expert at snipe shooting.

  • Item Crafting – A comprehensive item/weapon crafting system.
    Create anything from healing potions to swords through alchemy.

  • Team Crafting  Craft items using your team’s recipe
    team s recipe.

  • Symbol Encounters – No more random encounters. Visually
    confirm and engage enemies.

  • Burst Attack – Knock your enemy out and pound them with combo
    attacks like a fighting game.