Nioh Guide: Two Amrita farming locations

Get that Amrita.

While Nioh is absolutely murdering reviews, there is one thing that keeps getting brought up about the game and we aren't talking about the difficulty. The game can't escape comparisons to Dark Souls. We aren't here to say whether or not the comparisons are accurate or justified, but we can say that Dark Souls and Nioh have something in common – farming for currency.

Like the Souls in Dark Souls, Amrita is harvested in Nioh by killing monsters and completing objectives. Amrita is used in Nioh to level up your character or to purchase new items, so it's pretty handy to have a little extra. In fact, it's pretty handy to have a lot and it's something you can grab relatively easy. 

Luckily, there are two opportunities to farm, one of which is quite early on, which can help you out. Of course, there's likely to be more than just these two places, but here's a heads up.

Location #1:

Mission 2: Isle of Demons

This location is early on, but it's recommended that you are around level 7 by time you head over to the Isle of Demons. After beating the boss in this mission, named Onryoki, head to the shrine near the hot spring and rest – you'll want to be healed up before you start farming. 

Once your HP is restored, go inside the room on the right side near the shrine. 

Three yokai enemies will be located in this room.Killing them will get you around 1,017 Amrita. With the shrine so close, go back to heal/pray. After completing this, the yokai will have respawned. At this point, you can repeat the process as often as you like.

If you're quick about it, you can earn 122,040 Amrita in an hour.

Location #2:

Finders, Keepers

Within Mission 3: Deep in the Shadows' map, there is a sub mission that is given to you by Kuroda Nagamasa. This sub mission, 'Finders, Keepers,' asks you to find the sword Heshi-Kiri-Hasebe, which is in a cave under the Mountain of Nakatsu.

It's recommended that you are around level 15 to get through this. There is no shrine in this mission, so don't get too wild.

The sub mission's objective is fairly simple, it involves you killing the yokai, Kappa, that is carrying the sword, but for farming reasons you want to steer clear of Kappa and look for the yokai with glowing backs. 

They will try to run away from you, but just chase them down and kill them. You'll be rewarded with Amrita and gold, on some occasions they will even drop other loot that can be used at a shrine for extra Amrita goodness.

Typically, these enemies will run away immediately after seeing you. However, if you manage to chase them down and kill them, you’ll receive a pretty hefty amount of Amrita and in-game Gold. In addition to Amrita and Gold, these enemies also drop some good loot which can be offered at the Shrine for some additional Amrita.