Nioh 2 gets launch trailer with a familiar face

Out this Friday

Team Ninja has shared the launch trailer for Nioh 2. The sequel to one of the best souls-like games is launching this Friday exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Check the trailer out below!

Aptly fitting developer Team Ninja is soon unleashing their second take at a demon-infested feudal Japan with Nioh 2. While the game is at the moment only confirmed for a PlayStation release, in all likelihood we are looking at a similar timed exclusivity deal just as it was the case with the first game. That eventually came out on the PC as well after nine months.

Three years later, and with the samurai adventure’s follow up on the horizon, the stance system remains at the heart of Nioh 2. But this time, Team Ninja have granted players with new Yokai Abilities in their fight against the demons lurking in Sengoku-era Japan. What this means is that while all those hours sunk into the original game will put you in good stead for the fight ahead, there’s plenty of new challenges to overcome and skills to learn if you are to be victorious.

But for now, it’s the PlayStation 4 users time to get excited. After all, the first game was one of the best surprises of 2017, with its clear influence from the Dark Souls series, all the while managing to put a unique spin on the punishing formula. In Nioh 2, players can look forward to a new story with new characters, as the developer has decided to forgo using the same protagonist of the first game. Now, players are able to design their own player character to have an even more personalized experience.

In preparation for the game’s release, Sony also released a handy survival guide that goes over Nioh 2’s various mechanics, both old and new. A must-read for eager gamers who don’t want to immediately get floored by the very first demon.