Nintendo Talks 3DS/DS Comparisons, Online Failures

In a recent Iwata Asks interview, Shigeru Miyamoto dismissed the assumption that the Nintendo 3DS, which has already shipped in Japan and is scheduled to hit North America on March 27, is just an updated DS. “The Nintendo 3DS system is sometimes said to just be a ‘Nintendo DS system with higher specs.’ But it’s really much more than that,” stated Miyamoto. “It’s a gaming system with an entirely different charm. That’s why, for the customers who purchase it, I want them to fully enjoy the features of this new machine.”

Satoru Iwata also made some noteworthy announcements, focusing on Nintendo’s online service and its need to improve within the gaming industry. Iwata emphasized that up until now, online functionality and features for Nintendo systems have been less than stellar. “I must admit that in the overall area of wireless communication and digital downloads, Nintendo can do better,” stated Iwata during his Game Developers Conference keynote.

According to Nintendo’s president, the 3DS will be the company’s first step in taking online functionality to the next level. In addition to 10,000 AT&T wireless hotspots, Netflix streaming on the handheld, and other online-based features, the 3DS will also allow for transferable viewing from the handheld to the TV via a connection to the Wii. Nintendo has already eliminated game-specific Friend Codes for the 3DS; now it’s up to them to continue making advancements so that gamers can enjoy a solid online gaming experience with the new handheld and any future consoles.