Nintendo Streaming E3 Press Conference Live

There are plenty of reasons to keep an eye on Nintendo when E3 rolls around this year. After much “Project Cafe” talk, the Wii manufacturer has confirmed that a new home console would be revealed at this year’s gaming industry event in Los Angeles. Even better, the console will be playable at the expo!

The folks at Nintendo want you to be in the loop regarding their E3 reveals, so they’ll be uploading a lot of content via their E3 website. If you’re not attending E3, you’ll have access to various videos showcasing gameplay footage, interviews, and more. Most importantly, though, Nintendo will be live streaming their entire press conference.

Nintendo often goofs at E3 due to wacky, gimmicky press conferences. Last year, they actually did a pretty good job with the exception of the Wii Remote signal interference during the Skyward Sword showing. This year, you’ll want to tune in because they’ll be discussing the upcoming “Project Cafe,” and we’re all dying to know some concrete facts about this console.

If you want to learn more about the Wii’s successor and catch a glimpse of some of the Big N’s upcoming titles, tune in to their full E3 press conference. You can catch the show live here. Check it out at 9:00 AM PDT.