Nintendo of Japan Releases Wii U Specs

Nintendo of Japan has revealed some notable details regarding the Wii U's internal specs. Not surprisingly, there are some pretty interesting facts up on the site. We can't help but want some more insight on just what makes the Wii U tick.

As previously mentioned, the Wii U is an HD console. The system's output will range between 480i and 1080p. Nintendo will now join Microsoft and Sony with high-definition visuals.

Internally, matters are still a bit mysterious, but Nintendo of Japan's website did confirm that the Wii U will sport internal flash storage and an SD slot. Additionally, the platform will allow for USB storage, which can be transferable to external HDDs. No word on whether the machine itself will feature an internal hard drive or if different models with different storage sizes will launch.

Gamers are sure to keep a close eye on the Wii U as its launch draws near. I really hope this thing has an internal hard drive. It would be strange for Nintendo to invest in an HD console and still reject HDDs as the memory storage of choice. Also unknown at the moment is the Wii U's disc type. We're sure to learn more from Nintendo in the coming months.

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