Nintendo Wii U spring system update releasing next week

Today's Nintendo Direct broadcast may have been focused on the 3DS, but president Satoru Iwata managed to slip in a few announcements about the Wii U console. In January's presentation, it was mentioned that the Wii U would be getting a system update that speeds up load times when switching between apps or returning to the Home screen. Last month, we even saw time comparison video showing the difference — it was considerably faster. 

Nintendo announced today that the system update will be released next week. In addition to faster load times, the update adds a new feature that allows you to copy and move data between 2 USB drives and installs software while playing other games. Additionally, the update will now allow software updates to download and install automatically. After you have started downloading software, a new standby function will allow you to continue to download and install even when you turn off the system.

Iwata also mentioned a new feature that lets you start the system directly in Wii mode. By pressing the B button during startup, your Wii U will automatically enter Wii mode.

Look out for the spring update next week.