Nintendo updates Splatoon 2 with patch 1.1.2; Details here

How about fixing that lobby issue?

Nintendo's Splatoon 2 for the Switch hasn't even been out for a full week and it's already getting patch support. The update doesn't appear to be a massive update and aims to fix a few lingering issues.

Patch 1.1.2 addresses a problem with players receiving gear from the SplatNet Gear Shop, with an unintended combination of gear abilities. In addition to fixing gear, the patch also remedies a ranking issue, which prevents information from displaying properly when players would view past records from League Battle. As for weaponry, Nintendo fixed the number of points needed to fill the special gauge for several weapons.

One area that Nintendo hasn't addressed and I'm not sure they are intending to fix, is the ability to exit lobbies, without waiting for the matching making timer to expire or having to exit the game completely. You read that right, in order to leave a match making lobby, players can't simply hit a button and back out to the main screen. Instead, they have to wait (and hope) for the timer to count down and expire at which point they'll be forced out or they have to exit the game by hitting the home button, force quitting and then restart the game. Not exactly what one would call a "smooth process." When you combine that issue with the problems with the voice chat and phone app, it really prevents Splatoon from elevating from a good game to a great game.

Patch Notes for 1.1.2

An occasionally occurring issue allowed players to receive gear from the SplatNet Gear Shop with an unintended combination of gear abilities. The combination of abilities for this type of gear has been changed to match those of gear available for purchase in the Inkopolis Square shops.

Fixed an issue that prevented ranking information from displaying properly when viewing “Past Records” for League Battle.

Adjusted the number of points required to fill the special gauge for the following weapons:

Weapon Before ⇒ After
Splat Dualies 180⇒170
Hero Dualie Replicas 180⇒170
Enperry Splat Dualies 180⇒170
Tentatek Splattershot 190⇒210
N-ZAP ’85 180⇒200
.96 Gal 180⇒210
Slosher 180⇒190
Hero Slosher Replica 180⇒190
Tri-Slosher 180⇒210
Mini Splatling 180⇒190