Nintendo to reveal some Wii U details prior to E3 2012

Nintendo has already confirmed they'd be revealing the Wii U in its "final form" at E3 2012.  But that won't stop them from sharing some news about the Wii's successor prior to the event in June.

Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime told Spike TV at CES 2012 this week that they will "be sharing information throughout the year".

"So I won't say you'll have to wait until E3," he continued.

If true to their word, expect the details Nintendo does choose to share prior to E3 to be fairly small – at least in the grand scheme of things.  For the gaming industry, E3 is the Super Bowl; it would be unwise of them to spoil any "big" reveals before.  I'd expect Nintendo to wait on things like launch date, pricing, and major launch titles.

Of course, any news regarding the Wii U will be welcomed.  It is one of the most intriguing consoles we've seen in a while – mostly because of its fascinating tablet controller.

E3 2012 will take place in Los Angeles, California between June 5 – 7.