Nintendo Switch Update 4.0 Adds GameCube Controller Support

So when is Smash coming to Switch?

Almost a week ago, the Nintendo Switch released its system update 4.0, which added a few new features, including the ability to pre-order/pre-load games before they're released and even capture video while playing games. Now, with a week's worth of digging, it's been discovered that the update added another ability that went unnoticed: GameCube controller support.

GameCube controllers can be used with the Switch if you have the adapter that was sold for the Wii U for its own support during its time. So if you already have that, prepare to buy nothing additional! The original GameCube controller support for Wii U was designed with Super Smash Bros for Wii U in mind. Does that mean that Nintendo is ramping up for a new Super Smash Bros? We don't want to jump the gun, so we'll just sit here internally screaming "YES!" instead.

Nintendo Switch Update 4.0 Adds GameCube Controller Support

The adapter can be plugged right into the Switch dock like the charging cord and HDMI cord are currently. Once plugged in, the controllers can be synced through the settings menu by pressing the L and R buttons. The only drawback is that there are two fewer buttons on the GameCube controller, compared to the full Switch Joycon set up: a left Z button and a home button. 

Will you be using the GameCube adapter with your Switch?