Nintendo Switch Sales Rise to 2.74M Units Shipped, Zelda at 3.84M Shipped.

Breath of the Wild: So good, people pay to look at it.

Today in Nintendo's latest earnings report (ending on March 31) Nintendo provides the first worldwide shipment numbers of Nintendo Switch. It has shipped 2.74 million units around the world since March. Along with it, it has shipped 5.46 million games.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has now sold a total of 3.84 million units worldwide. This breaks down to 2.76 million on Switch and 1.09 million on Wii U. For those counting, that's still more Zelda sold than the console it's sold on. The box must make a great mantle piece (Note: It does.)

Nintendo plans to ship 10 million more units during the current fiscal year with 35 million games.

3DS has also sold well, with Pokemon Sun and Moon selling a combined total of 15.44 million units with 55.08 million 3DS games total being sold during the fiscal year.

With Nintendo Switch sales as positive as they are, Nintendo sweetens the pot by saying more unannounced Switch titles will boost their console sales. Now if only we could keep them in stock. Nintendo's CEO states that soon there will be even more reason to buy a Switch.