Nintendo Switch’s left Joy-Con issue seems to be fixed with day one update

There are some conflicting reports.

One of the biggest complaints with the Nintendo Switch coming from early impressions was the fact that the left Joy-Con controller would sometimes desync while playing and could cause your character to die during intense battles. This has had many people concerned that it's a hardware issue and you'll have to buy a new controller to fix the issue. Turns out this may not be the case!

Several people with early Nintendo Switches have reported that the issue with the left Joy-Con has been fixed via the day one patch that just released. 

Eurogamer has claimed that this was not the case for them, though.

"UPDATE 2/3/17 4:00pm: The Nintendo Switch's day one system update has launched, and there are reports online that installing the patch with the Joy-Cons attached updates the firmware on the controllers, resolving the de-sync issues. Is this really the case? Unfortunately not. We've updated our console with controllers attached and re-run the battery of tests detailed below. In all cases, the range and consistency of the connection of each Joy-Con remains the same, and the left controller still has demonstrably weaker range than the right. Eurogamer has contacted Nintendo several times now concerning this issue, and we still await a reply."

Is this just a case by case basis? Who knows? We'll update this article tomorrow when more Nintendo Switches are out in the wild.

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