Nintendo Switch: Online services and gameplay detailed

Free games!


Nintendo revealed a number of new online features during its press event tonight and they are changing up entirely how Nintendo games will be played online.

The service will be free on launch beginning in March before transitioning to a paid service in the Autumn. A smartphone app will also be available, which will connect to your Nintendo Switch and allow you to invite friends to online sessions, chat, etc. No other details were provided on the app, but it sounds similar to the Xbox SmartGlass app.

There will be online lobbies and voice chats as well as special discounts/offers available only to online service subscribers. Subscribers will also get a choice to download one free NES or SNES game each month and play it free for one month after download, It will not be free forever, and require purchase after the month is up. The best part is that SNES games get newly added online play. This means games like Tecmo Bowl or other great SNES titles will let you play online against your friends. The exact features were not mentioned, but we’ll have to wait on those closer to launch.

The full list of features can be seen here on the official site, with more info to come soon.