Nintendo’s NX just dropped the mic on the PS4 via Dragon Quest 11

PS4 one-upped on one of Japanese gaming's largest stages

Square Enix just wrapped up their Dragon Quest live stream, which had a lot of games to talk about, 10 of them in fact. Of course this is of little concern to you, as there's roughly a snowball's chance in hell of more than one or two of them seeing an English localization. What everyone really wanted to see though, was the Dragon Quest 11 announcement and which console it would be on.

Dragon Quest 11The 3DS and PS4 versions are not simple ports of each other.

That question was answered with PS4 and 3DS. The PS4 version will run on Unreal Engine 4, but still looks pretty rough. Dragon Quest games have never been known for their cutting edge visuals. The 3DS version aeemed to have upstaged the PS4 version with its quirky new gimmick.: Each screen will display the game in a different style.

Dragon Quest 11Enjoy these screens of a game we may or may not be getting.

The top screen of the 3DS will show the game in full 3D, while the bottom screen will show the same areas rendered in a 2D, sprite-based art style that harkens back to the days of the SNES. It's really a sight to see in action. Since the game uses the bottom screen for menus in battle, players can choose to have battles play in either of the two art styles on the top screen. Think of it like the palate swaps in Super Mario Maker.

What really blew the doors off the internet though, is the casual dropping of the NX name: Dragon Quest 10 and Dragon Quest 11 have now been officially confirmed for Nintendo's NX platform, before the system itself has even been revealed. Talk about raining on Sony's parade, the NX announcement has already overshadowed the fact that main line Dragon Quest is returning to Sony's home console.

IwataYou know Iwata would have been pleased by this turn of events. R.I.P.

We now know two things about the NX: It has third party support from Square Enix, and it can run a game designed for Unreal Engine 4. The Dragon Quest 11 announcement ended the speculation surrounding it, and opened the flood gates on speculation about the NX. Will the NX get KH3? FF15? NieR? Anything is possible now.

This also lends support to the belief that Nintendo's NX will be dropping in 2016.

[Source: Square Enix]