Nintendo’s Miyamoto a ‘slightly more friendly’ Steve Jobs?

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs may have been one of the most cunning and daring pioneers we've ever seen when it comes to the tech industry, but when it comes to personality he may not have been the nicest guy. Hey, you don't get to the top by being everybody's friend.

Unless, of course, you're Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto who became a legend among game developers thanks to his work with Donkey Kong, Zelda, and Star Fox, among many more reputable titles.

Speaking out during a recent GAME Facebook fan Q&A, Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert, who has worked with Nintendo on the majority of the Star Fox series, likened Miyamoto to a "slightly more friendly Steve Jobs, but just as cutting".

"His style of chasing ideas and cutting through bulls*** is brilliant," he added.

The future for Nintendo rests in the Wii U and its GamePad tablet controller, which Cuthbert added he already has ideas for how it could be used for a new Star Fox game. Unfortunately, he didn't discuss any details or plans.

"Those questions are best geared towards Miyamoto," he said. "I know what I'd try and do with that tech, but at the end of the day, the ball's in Nintendo's court.

"I like to work on a variety of games, or life gets a little boring! Star Fox is a great world and series of characters, and one day I'd definitely like to go back to it and expand it further," Cuthbert concluded.

Miyamoto brought us some great game franchises and fantastic ideas. Jobs, on the other hand, brought us wonderful devices that could help innovate the way games are played; Apple blossomed into an empire over Jobs' career thanks to creations like the iPhone and iPad.

So what do you think? Is Miyamoto even on the same level as Jobs?