Nintendo’s first Wii U advertisement in the UK seems like something from the 80s

I don't know if this is a Europe thing or just bad advertising on Nintendo's part. Either way, I hope this never makes it to the United States.

Nintendo UK has debuted its first Wii U television advertisement, and it seems like something I would've seen in the 80s. While normally I'd view this as a good thing, as I'm a huge fan of the 80s, I can't help but feel the Wii U advertisement is a miss. 

The advertisement kicks off with a bold voice proclaiming, "At last, a brand new console with a brand new controller that redefines how you interact with games."

Honestly, it makes it sound like the failure that was the Power Glove. Finally, a glove that can revolutionize how we play video games!

In case you didn't realize, that wasn't the Wii U. No, no, the Wii U commercial is below and it makes sure to highlight all of the features the Wii U will bring to your living room come November 18, 2012: the ability to sound like an idiot when yelling "sping sping sping" and shooting with your finger; the option to play on a smaller screen instead of your 60" flatscreen television; and a couple of other features that use the GamePad to "innovate" gameplay.

All the while, there's an 80's techno jam pumping in the background and terrible typography overlaying across the footage. While I'm not a fan of the new commercial, I suppose it does serve its purpose: to inform potential consumers that the Wii U is different from the Wii or any other console currently available.