Nintendo retires the DS

After almost 10 years on the market, the Nintendo DS is ceasing production.

Nintendo revealed the decision in its latest year-end financial report, according to Quarter to Three. While Nintendo will manufacture no new units, lifetime shipments of 153.87 million is an impressive number to end on.

Of course, the original model lifted from the market years ago. This change affects the DS Lite and DSi versions.

The publisher's other systems are having trouble keeping up. Nintendo has sold 13.95 million 3DSes globally, but it's not satisfied with that performance, saying its hottest titles "did not generate sufficient sales momentum."

The Wii U also failed to meet expectations, approaching 100 million units sold worldwide.

Overall, this is a low point for Nintendo. Until it recovers, I'll be clutching on to my dark blue Nintendo DS. What were your favorite games on the handheld?

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