Nintendo President Fils-Aime not impressed with PS4, Xbox One launch lineups

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime isn't too impressed with the launch lineups of the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

“It’s all about the games. The competitive systems have announced their launch lineups. I’m allowed to say ‘Meh,’” he told IGN when asked what incentives consumers have for choosing a Wii U over one of the newer consoles.

“I look at our lineup of titles and I feel good about our lineup. We’ve got Zelda. We’ve got Mario. We’ve got Donkey Kong," he said. "In addition to great titles like Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101, I feel very good about our lineup, and I feel very good about the value proposition we’re putting out there for the consumer.”

It's interesting for Fils-Aime to call out the Xbox One and PS4 about their games when the Wii U has been criticized for its own lack of titles. Granted, Nintendo has a rather impressive fall lineup for the Wii U, but it can be argued that its launch was rather weak itself. Although it had 23 launch titles, many of them were ports of older games simply re-released with touched up controls for the GamePad. I find it laughable for Fils-Aime to "meh" the launch lineups of the Xbox One and PS4 — especially when his company is struggling with its own Wii U.