Nintendo supposedly paid $2M for Monster Hunter Rise timed-exclusivity

The large Capcom hack saga continues

New findings from the recent Capcom ransomware leak give insight into business deals behind closed doors. According to it, Nintendo made a deal with Capcom to keep Monster Hunter Rise as a timed-exclusive for the Switch. In return, Capcom received $2M.

Exclusivity deals are an inherent part of the gaming industry. While most gamers don’t like them, there’s nothing illegal about them either. Still, learning more concrete details about it is a rare occurrence. This makes today’s leaks so interesting.

Japanese gaming giant Capcom recently was the target of a large ransomware attack. A criminal group stole delicate company data and threatened to leak all of it if the company didn’t pay up. To make the threat more credible, they leaked some details already about Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil Village.

For instance, just yesterday news broke out that the plot of the upcoming Resident Evil Village leaked in its entirety. A huge blow towards Capcom who has been heavily promoting the next chapter for their survival-horror series. Suffice to say, stay clear of any sketchy places on the web to not get spoiled.

Among those leaks, another notable mention was that Monster Hunter Rise was coming to PC, as well. Since the game’s reveal, Capcom only confirmed the Switch version. It turns out that there was a reason for that. In other words, Nintendo and Capcom made a deal for a 9-month timed-exclusivity. That means Monster Hunter Rise will probably come to PC in December 2021.

More evidence about the PC port comes in the form of detailed technical specifications. According to the leak, Monster Hunter Rise on PC will feature unlocked framerates and resolutions. Certainly important aspects for PC users.

As for Monster Hunter Rise. That game is slated to launch on the Nintendo Switch on March 26th, 2021.