Nintendo of Korea calls TV gal a ‘brainless b*tch’

Well, this isn't pretty. It seems that someone using Nintendo of Korea's Twitter account decided to call weather girl-turned-TV personality a "brainless b*tch," though they didn't tastefully use an asterisk to block out the word like I did.

The tweet, which has since been removed, read, "She should have just stayed as a TV Meteorologist. Getting all the work done on her face like that. How come a brainless b*tch like you gets the entire spotlight? Who is your sponsor? TV…sigh…"

According to Kotaku, "sponsor" means "sugar daddy" in Korea, which would mean that this young lady was trading some sexy acts for her stardom, according to the individual who posted the tweet. Obviously, this is a pretty powerful comment, and Nintendo of Korea has responded, saying its employees are not responsible for doing any such thing.

The company stated that it has contacted Korea's cyber crime division to get this matter settled. Park's managers, on the other hand, are looking into legal options to take care of the matter.

So, is Nintendo of Korea innocent? Or did one of the company's employees just forget to log out of the company Twitter account before accidentally posting the tweet?


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