Nintendo NX hardware features reportedly leaked

The same source that brought you details on PS4, XBOX & Pokemon...

Nintendo has kept details surrounding their upcoming NX console since their first announcing the product, but now a source has come forward with some new information. 

The source, Geno, has had some notably accurate reports in the past. Geno released information on Pokemon using a full 3D engine, which was later used in both Pokemon X and Z, and even said new abilities and forms would come into the game, again, which was correct as Mewtwo came onto the scene. 

Geno has not provided a substantial amount in terms of Nintendo NX's specifications, but he does have a few words to say in regards to background information and marketing. Geno even quotes what is allegedly a Nintendo employee, which claims they "have not seen this much forward momentum on a project since they launched the original Famicom." 

Now, although the source's comments are not confirmed officially by Nintendo, and until then we should take them with a hint of salt, here they are: 

  • Nintendo's NX has a wireless dongle (HDMI) on the back. Users will be able to use it to connect to other displays with a standard HDMI output. 
  • An improved version of Wii U's streaming technology will be a feature to display the device's HD on TVs. 
  • Analog controls will allow full heptic feedback due to small motors. 
  • Bluetooth syncing is a feature, allowing gamers to connect to their tablets, smartphones and other compatible devices. This allows you to answer the phone or view a text message, for example, without having to close the game – displaying it on the opposite synced device instead.
  • Hardware is exactly the same to that of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and with the operating system it should have no problems running the same games with little to no source code modification. If it runs Android or Unreal Engine 4 this console should be pretty easy for developers to work with. 

Nintendo NX hardware features reportedly leaked /

  • NX will take multiplayer, AR and the idea of StreetPass to "a whole new level."
  • The device is easy to use and Geno even claims that developers have described the product as if "Samsung and the Nintendo 2DS had a baby."
  • It will not look like a stereotypical Nintendo console, but friendly nevertheless. 
  • The operating system has been named NintendoOS and is very powerful and has features of a modern mobile OS. 
  • It should perform well in terms of networking, linking up to a number of service and devices "allowing a very competent and pervasive eco-system designed to constantly involve the consumer’s lives."

Some would say that the source can be rather vague in terms of information, but details of not only Pokemon – as mentioned earlier – but of Microsoft's omni projection unit that allowed for near a 360-degree 'Ilumiroom' seemingly proves Geno correct on a few occasions. 

On the other hand, until this information is actually rubber-stamped by Nintendo, it is merely speculation.